30th of April in Uppsala, Sweden

*Disclaimer: no fashion, no pictures, a looooong post, but some interesting facts and this was my weekend.

So, I started this blog just days before the biggest weekend of the year, in the city I live in, Uppsala, Sweden.

30th of April is celebrated everywhere in Sweden, custom is to have a big bonfire. It’s called “Valborg, or Valborgsmässoafton”, and I will try to explain it in short terms…

The origin is from the “pre-christian” time, in northen Europe. I think it was something to do with the light comming back, celebrating spring, and the night was thought to have powers, sort of, maybe. Of course, the catholic church thought it was witches, and stuff. Later, it became a celebration of a german female saint, here in Sweden her name is Valborg.

It’s still very much about celebrating the light, and spring/summer, but as usual, for younger people, it’s an excuse to parteeeyy! It has become a thing for university students especially. As Uppsala is the oldest, most traditional, uni in Sweden, Valborg is f*cking huge! 200.000 people celebrate for 3 days, and that is very big with Swedish standards.

In Uppsala, it’s generally 3 days, for some the whole week. And, this time of the semester is usually quite busy in terms of studies, but hey. The celebrations in Uppsala is the biggest in the whole of Sweden. (Despite what you may here from students in Lund.)

So, I don’t have any pictures, but I’ve put links to some YouTube vids.

Let me explain the most common, general Valborg weekend to you:

April 28th – “Skvalborg”
– Party in the evening, staring early as you will have to que early.
– The “nations” start their weekend this night. Everyone with different set ups, festival style. You need tickets, and you will que.

April 29th – “Kvalborg”
– This year this was on Saturday, so no school. Which means, day drinking is more that fine.
– Same as the night before, but you will go out even earlier (like 6.30 pm) to try and avoid too much que.
– The bigger nations usually have a “big” act
– You que for at least 30 min for EVERYTHING
– It’s basically a festival, all 3 days really.

D day, April 30th – Valborg (there is a lot of things happeing at the same time)
– 9 am: Champagne breakfast. Usually, the ones with sort of big apartments, or, people born in Uppsala invite to breakfast, to try and cure the hangover, and start the drinking. (not real champagne obv)
– 10 am: “Forsränning” (river rafting) – Engineering students, and others like that (not my field), spend all semester building rafts, to go on in the river. This is a spectator thing, works even for families. Here’s a link.
– or 10-11 am: You go to the Ekonomikum park, basically a “field” behind the campus for Economy. This is my favorite part. Every little grass stray is covered by noon. More than 10.000 people. People bring camping chairs, sofas, food, alcohol, there are at least 100 hundres toilets, but the ques…omg, food trucks etc. Uppsala county, and the police, work 24/7. They are very good at handing out free water bottles, they never run out. And we just sit there, trying to find friends, drinking, cheering when the sun comes out. It’s a big ass party.
– 2 pm isch: Champange galopp (sprint) Those who want to, start to move on to the next thing, the champagne “sprint”. This might be the weirdest thing. Aslo, showing that univeristy for a long time was just for upper class. 3 nations do this, you que, then it start at 3 pm it starts. You spray “champagne” on people, and drink and dance, but yeah thats it. You pay for at least 2 bottles (one for drinking), and then you spray on other people. I don’t go on this, cus’ …why?
– 3 pm: “Mösspåtagning” (“Putting on exams-hats”) I’m not gonna try to explain. It’s a tradition, very academic university thing, there’s a choir who sing the “official” Valborg song, which brings back the spring theme.
– 5 pm isch: You go home, to shower, and eat, maybe rest. Then there might be a house party, and the you go out, or a dorm party. Because you start so early, the night of the actual day is often pretty mellow, for me at least.

Here’s a great after movie!




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