What’s on my fridge?

This must be fascinating! Truth be told, the weather was just not playing a long today, so the plan A had to be scratched. However, us human beings are very nosey when it comes to other people (I mean, that’s what internet is sort of based on isn’t it?). I know I love to see what my friends put on their fridges.

I use my fridge as sort of an inspiration board. When I was yonug, many of my friends parents put things like schedules, cards, photos, and drawings on their refridgerators. My parents didn’t put anything on ours, our fridge was dressed with wood (it looked like a cupboard basically) so, it’s not natural for me to store important information on my fridge, I won’t see it. I just put up pictures I find inspiring.

(The lighting in my kitchen is awful, I’m very sorry for the quality of these pictures. )

20170425_203819 (2)20170425_203833 (2)20170425_203908 (2)_LI

  1. One of my biggest style inspirations, Beth Jones, her youtube channel B. Jones Style is in my top 3.
  2. A cut-out from a fashion magazine, maybe Styleby?, it’s from some runway, and I just love the look: denim, cardigan, blazer and pearls.
  3. A post card I bought somewhere, I think I bought it to send to my friend Sophie at some point, and just never did, OR, I bought two, cus I wanted one for myself aswell.
  4. This is also a pinterest find, it’s the girl in Dirty Dancing, but I don’t think the scene is from that movie, but correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe the subtitles are made up, I don’t know, but it says “I am very lonely, and very cute”, liked it.
  5. Pinterest again, just the dreamiest room ever, love greenery!
  6. A page from a fashion magazine, maybe Styleby again? Love the look, her attitude, and the clothes.
  7. A post card I bought when I was in Rome, Italy. Probably the most famous scene from Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel in the Vatican.
  8. A young Demi Moore, rocking a great 80’s outfit. Pinterest again, yes.
  9. Chris Martin from Coldplay. Mmmm… I recevied this in the post from my, already mentioned, friend Sophie. (I’ll tell you more about this later. )
  10. It’s the backside of a play card. The Beatles is thing for my dad and me. Actually, we LOVE everything British basically.
  11. Hah, look at that, my dad! Very young, the picture is from the 70’s (as you probably can tell)
  12. ‘She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.’
  13. A birthday card from one of my best friends, Malin.
  14. A post card of an oil painting, by Eugène Jansson, “Flottans badhus”, from 1907.
  15. A magnet I got as a birthday gift, from Sophie.

I like this collection of pictures. I’m sure you’ve spotted two themes: inspirational and hot men. I think I have an explanation about the men. Story time.

See, Sophie (who’m I’ve mentioned 3 times already) is on of my closest friends. We lived together, for a year and a half in Olso, Norway. We got the idea, as two single girls, to cover (I mean cover, not just a group like I have) the fridge, with raunchy pictures of naked men, and gay couples. We loved it, and since then we send pictures of naked men to eachother, now and then, either snail-mail, or just tag on instagram. Yeah, we’re both still single…

Whoa, that’s it!

Bye / Anna


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