The perfect trousers

So, these trousers! Of course, there are many “perfect trousers”, but these are my current ones. Let me tell you their story,

See, my clothes all have a story (more or less), this means I’m a horder, and have a really hard time getting rid of stuff, even if I don’t use them(or worse, they don’t fit anymore but we won’t talk about that). And on this blog, I want to tell you the stories of my clothes. Some are boring, others might have a more exciting one, at least to me.

20170422_193908 (2)

These amazing trouser are from GANT. Which feels super luxurious to me. Being on a student budget is not really working to well with my shopping addiction. Yes, I am a shopaholic. Anyway, becasue of the student budget issue, I am an avid thrifter/vintage shopper. So, I end up spending a lot of my student loan on clothes, I just get more for the buck. And, these babies are thrifted! Living in one of Swedens bigger univeristy cities, with a great student life, means tons of good events like flea markets. So, usually I go thrifting (I will use the american term just cus’ it’s easier) at the regular charity shops, which aren’t great here in Sweden. But, at least 3 times each semester, one of the student nations (I will have to explain the nation thing in another blog post, it’s a big deal here) arrange a flea market. Every time I’ve been there I find something good, and everytime it’s from the same stand. It’s a couple, not students though, I guess their hobby is to collect great items, and sell on different flea markets. The woman has an amazing finish-swedish accent, they have amazing prices on amazing things, and they encourage bargining, which I’m terrible at so they sort of force me.

20170422_193837 (2)20170422_193827 (2)

I feel amazing in these GANT trouser, truly. Other people seem to like them too, which is allways nice. The color is a very dark navy, with superwide legs, and buttons on each hip on the front, like a sailors trousers I think, the fabric is fab.

I’ve already ruined them though(I think), when I fell during one of those great student life evenings 😉 But, I hope mr dry-cleaner can help me. I have a feeling more stories will attach to these trouser, but that was it for now.

20170422_193915 (2)



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