I went to Pinterest heaven

On Tuesday, I had a lecture at 8.15 am, which is Very early and unusual. I am not a morningperson, I’m the least morning person I know. And, after the lecture at 10 am, when I’m usually still in bed, I had so much time! I didn’t know what to do! I saw that the 200 year old orangery in the Botanical Garden, next to my campus, was open, so I went in to have a look. My new favorite spot. The building is so majestic, and there were rows of big pots with trees in it. And, one room filled with different cacti!


Excpect more photos from this place

Love, Anna

30th of April in Uppsala, Sweden

*Disclaimer: no fashion, no pictures, a looooong post, but some interesting facts and this was my weekend.

So, I started this blog just days before the biggest weekend of the year, in the city I live in, Uppsala, Sweden.

30th of April is celebrated everywhere in Sweden, custom is to have a big bonfire. It’s called “Valborg, or Valborgsmässoafton”, and I will try to explain it in short terms…

The origin is from the “pre-christian” time, in northen Europe. I think it was something to do with the light comming back, celebrating spring, and the night was thought to have powers, sort of, maybe. Of course, the catholic church thought it was witches, and stuff. Later, it became a celebration of a german female saint, here in Sweden her name is Valborg.

It’s still very much about celebrating the light, and spring/summer, but as usual, for younger people, it’s an excuse to parteeeyy! It has become a thing for university students especially. As Uppsala is the oldest, most traditional, uni in Sweden, Valborg is f*cking huge! 200.000 people celebrate for 3 days, and that is very big with Swedish standards.

In Uppsala, it’s generally 3 days, for some the whole week. And, this time of the semester is usually quite busy in terms of studies, but hey. The celebrations in Uppsala is the biggest in the whole of Sweden. (Despite what you may here from students in Lund.)

So, I don’t have any pictures, but I’ve put links to some YouTube vids.

Let me explain the most common, general Valborg weekend to you:

April 28th – “Skvalborg”
– Party in the evening, staring early as you will have to que early.
– The “nations” start their weekend this night. Everyone with different set ups, festival style. You need tickets, and you will que.

April 29th – “Kvalborg”
– This year this was on Saturday, so no school. Which means, day drinking is more that fine.
– Same as the night before, but you will go out even earlier (like 6.30 pm) to try and avoid too much que.
– The bigger nations usually have a “big” act
– You que for at least 30 min for EVERYTHING
– It’s basically a festival, all 3 days really.

D day, April 30th – Valborg (there is a lot of things happeing at the same time)
– 9 am: Champagne breakfast. Usually, the ones with sort of big apartments, or, people born in Uppsala invite to breakfast, to try and cure the hangover, and start the drinking. (not real champagne obv)
– 10 am: “Forsränning” (river rafting) – Engineering students, and others like that (not my field), spend all semester building rafts, to go on in the river. This is a spectator thing, works even for families. Here’s a link.
– or 10-11 am: You go to the Ekonomikum park, basically a “field” behind the campus for Economy. This is my favorite part. Every little grass stray is covered by noon. More than 10.000 people. People bring camping chairs, sofas, food, alcohol, there are at least 100 hundres toilets, but the ques…omg, food trucks etc. Uppsala county, and the police, work 24/7. They are very good at handing out free water bottles, they never run out. And we just sit there, trying to find friends, drinking, cheering when the sun comes out. It’s a big ass party.
– 2 pm isch: Champange galopp (sprint) Those who want to, start to move on to the next thing, the champagne “sprint”. This might be the weirdest thing. Aslo, showing that univeristy for a long time was just for upper class. 3 nations do this, you que, then it start at 3 pm it starts. You spray “champagne” on people, and drink and dance, but yeah thats it. You pay for at least 2 bottles (one for drinking), and then you spray on other people. I don’t go on this, cus’ …why?
– 3 pm: “Mösspåtagning” (“Putting on exams-hats”) I’m not gonna try to explain. It’s a tradition, very academic university thing, there’s a choir who sing the “official” Valborg song, which brings back the spring theme.
– 5 pm isch: You go home, to shower, and eat, maybe rest. Then there might be a house party, and the you go out, or a dorm party. Because you start so early, the night of the actual day is often pretty mellow, for me at least.

Here’s a great after movie!



What’s on my fridge?

This must be fascinating! Truth be told, the weather was just not playing a long today, so the plan A had to be scratched. However, us human beings are very nosey when it comes to other people (I mean, that’s what internet is sort of based on isn’t it?). I know I love to see what my friends put on their fridges.

I use my fridge as sort of an inspiration board. When I was yonug, many of my friends parents put things like schedules, cards, photos, and drawings on their refridgerators. My parents didn’t put anything on ours, our fridge was dressed with wood (it looked like a cupboard basically) so, it’s not natural for me to store important information on my fridge, I won’t see it. I just put up pictures I find inspiring.

(The lighting in my kitchen is awful, I’m very sorry for the quality of these pictures. )

20170425_203819 (2)20170425_203833 (2)20170425_203908 (2)_LI

  1. One of my biggest style inspirations, Beth Jones, her youtube channel B. Jones Style is in my top 3.
  2. A cut-out from a fashion magazine, maybe Styleby?, it’s from some runway, and I just love the look: denim, cardigan, blazer and pearls.
  3. A post card I bought somewhere, I think I bought it to send to my friend Sophie at some point, and just never did, OR, I bought two, cus I wanted one for myself aswell.
  4. This is also a pinterest find, it’s the girl in Dirty Dancing, but I don’t think the scene is from that movie, but correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe the subtitles are made up, I don’t know, but it says “I am very lonely, and very cute”, liked it.
  5. Pinterest again, just the dreamiest room ever, love greenery!
  6. A page from a fashion magazine, maybe Styleby again? Love the look, her attitude, and the clothes.
  7. A post card I bought when I was in Rome, Italy. Probably the most famous scene from Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel in the Vatican.
  8. A young Demi Moore, rocking a great 80’s outfit. Pinterest again, yes.
  9. Chris Martin from Coldplay. Mmmm… I recevied this in the post from my, already mentioned, friend Sophie. (I’ll tell you more about this later. )
  10. It’s the backside of a play card. The Beatles is thing for my dad and me. Actually, we LOVE everything British basically.
  11. Hah, look at that, my dad! Very young, the picture is from the 70’s (as you probably can tell)
  12. ‘She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.’
  13. A birthday card from one of my best friends, Malin.
  14. A post card of an oil painting, by Eugène Jansson, “Flottans badhus”, from 1907.
  15. A magnet I got as a birthday gift, from Sophie.

I like this collection of pictures. I’m sure you’ve spotted two themes: inspirational and hot men. I think I have an explanation about the men. Story time.

See, Sophie (who’m I’ve mentioned 3 times already) is on of my closest friends. We lived together, for a year and a half in Olso, Norway. We got the idea, as two single girls, to cover (I mean cover, not just a group like I have) the fridge, with raunchy pictures of naked men, and gay couples. We loved it, and since then we send pictures of naked men to eachother, now and then, either snail-mail, or just tag on instagram. Yeah, we’re both still single…

Whoa, that’s it!

Bye / Anna

The perfect trousers

So, these trousers! Of course, there are many “perfect trousers”, but these are my current ones. Let me tell you their story,

See, my clothes all have a story (more or less), this means I’m a horder, and have a really hard time getting rid of stuff, even if I don’t use them(or worse, they don’t fit anymore but we won’t talk about that). And on this blog, I want to tell you the stories of my clothes. Some are boring, others might have a more exciting one, at least to me.

20170422_193908 (2)

These amazing trouser are from GANT. Which feels super luxurious to me. Being on a student budget is not really working to well with my shopping addiction. Yes, I am a shopaholic. Anyway, becasue of the student budget issue, I am an avid thrifter/vintage shopper. So, I end up spending a lot of my student loan on clothes, I just get more for the buck. And, these babies are thrifted! Living in one of Swedens bigger univeristy cities, with a great student life, means tons of good events like flea markets. So, usually I go thrifting (I will use the american term just cus’ it’s easier) at the regular charity shops, which aren’t great here in Sweden. But, at least 3 times each semester, one of the student nations (I will have to explain the nation thing in another blog post, it’s a big deal here) arrange a flea market. Every time I’ve been there I find something good, and everytime it’s from the same stand. It’s a couple, not students though, I guess their hobby is to collect great items, and sell on different flea markets. The woman has an amazing finish-swedish accent, they have amazing prices on amazing things, and they encourage bargining, which I’m terrible at so they sort of force me.

20170422_193837 (2)20170422_193827 (2)

I feel amazing in these GANT trouser, truly. Other people seem to like them too, which is allways nice. The color is a very dark navy, with superwide legs, and buttons on each hip on the front, like a sailors trousers I think, the fabric is fab.

I’ve already ruined them though(I think), when I fell during one of those great student life evenings 😉 But, I hope mr dry-cleaner can help me. I have a feeling more stories will attach to these trouser, but that was it for now.

20170422_193915 (2)


I’m doing it, I’m doing this thing

Hi readers, this is my first post on this new blog of mine. I’m starting this blog as I want to have a space I can write a bit about what I like, my life and whatever I feel like really. I must admit, I’ve had several blogs in the past that failed. But I have a plan,sort of. I will write in English, it’s a way for me to practice, but also a way of reaching out further. I am also going on an exchange semester this fall, to Glasgow, and I figured that I can use this space to document what I get upp to there.


But this blog will mainly focus on style, fashion, clothes or however you wanna call it. Many of my friends are engaged with some sort of art form, and I have always asked myself “Why aren’t I creative?”. But, I have come to realise that the outlet for my creativity is through my clothes. My personal style is all over the place, because I just love so many different things so I could never just settle for one style. I guess my style categorises as “hipster”, but I’m not going to comment any further on that.

I have a new instagram matching this blog; Shewearsclothes_ and I would love it if you check it out and follow.

That is all for my first blog post, bye!

/ Anna